Dealing with your problems (Transforming negativity into positivity) - Part II

Shakti chakra sandhane vishvasamharah” (Shiva Sutras) – there are different types of energy centers in your body. Bring your attention to these centers, observe them and the world of worries and thoughts that trouble your mind will disappear. There will be peace.
When we feel anger, emotion or excitement, then different parts of our body experience various sensations. When you get angry, the area between the two eyebrows ignites; when you become unhappy, the throat starts to choke; when you feel hatred, a sensation happens in the heart region. What happens when you feel jealous? The stomach churns. Goodwill is also generated in the stomach.When you feel very happy the area around the navel experiences some sensations. Similarly, when we feel jealousy or love, there is a sensation around the heart. Likewise, when you are sad, there is a feeling in the throat and also when you want to express gratitude, you cannot express it in words, and we often say that the throat chokes.
All together in our body there are seven chakras, or energy centers, and all 27,000 subtle nerves in our body are connected to these seven centers.
The first center is muladhara chakra. Here, the energy is either dormant or active. Shakti, or energy, rises from muladhara chakra to svadhishthana chakra where it expresses itself either as lust or creativity. When it climbs up higher to manipura chakra, the region around the navel, it is expressed as jealousy, generosity, joy or greed. Generosity, happiness and greed all happen in this one place. The same energy rises to the heart, anahata chakra, where it expresses itself in three ways – love, hatred and fear. When you are frightened, you place your hand on your heart, and also when you express love or respect, you touch your heart. Feelings of hatred are also connected to the heart. Then the same energy rises to the throat region, or visuddha chakra, where it expresses itself as gratitude or misery. When you feel grief or express gratitude, the throat begins to choke. This energy then travels upward to the area between the eyebrows, known as ajna chakra, where it is expressed as awareness, knowledge and anger. So Shiva’s third eye represents both knowledge and anger. When Shiva is angry, he reduces everything to ashes just by opening his third eye. Finally, when this same energy rises to the top of the head to sahaswara chakra, there is only bliss and joy.
This is how the energy of consciousness travels, and you can become familiar with it by observing this movement. Normally, life energy is flowing through these chakras, but if we feel under pressure or disturbed, then knots form in the chakras, obstructing the flow of energy. Place your attention on the energy in these chakras, and you will see that the negative energy in the chakras gradually dissolves.
All impurities disappear, and positive qualities are established. If you feel jealous and then meditate with attention on your navel, the jealousy will automatically subside. Due to jealousy, we make mistakes and then try to defend ourselves by justifying what we did. We should know that all that happened was because of impurities in our chakras. Shakti chakra sandhane vishvasamharah” – the world will be annihilated if you come in contact with these chakras through meditation. “Annihilating the world” means dropping the worries of this world forever.

Free yourself from the storm of emotions

Life is found to be caught up in storms so very often. And you are not yourself when you are in a storm. You don’t know what to do. At those moments all your spiritual practices, concepts, ideas and ideals fall apart. Your devotion, your love and all the beautiful things you cherish in your life, simply don’t seem to be there or mean anything. You are under the influence of a big storm. A whirlwind rises in you and throws you off balance.
What do you do? Nothing is helpful. You sit, close your eyes and try to meditate. But the mind is all over the place. You feel as though you are in a burning furnace, and you don’t know how to put the fire out. And the more effort you make to cool it down, and put it out, the more the fire burns, the more the restlessness and agitation increase. You are yourself only between the storms. How many storms rise in your life, and how frequently do they rise?
The less frequent they are, the more you are yourself. At those moments you are happy; you are settled. You are calm. Just think of those moments of intense restlessness, agitation and feverishness. The breath becomes heavier. The body becomes unbearable. You are not at all aware of the mind. But that is not what you are. You get a glimpse of the clearness of yourself between two storms. But life seems to be like the ocean – wave after wave lashing at you, one after another.
This is the only problem. This is the only basic problem in the universe. There is no other problem. You can attach it to one thousand causes or reasons, but the problem is how to free your life from this storm which has gripped it.
The first thing to do is to become aware of this. At that moment, the storm will subside. First, stop regretting things. For no reason, there is turmoil in the mind. When your mind cools down and you experience that inner cool, soft and delicate aspect of yourself, there is a big relief.
No one storm can be there all the time. It is impossible. It comes and subsides.
Your mind is like a wind – a whirlwind, subsiding and cooling down. That is your true nature. That is love. You have been resisting, restless, all this time. Now you see it is there. Okay, so let it be there. It is a part of nature. The storm is also a part of nature. Stop resisting the storm. Take it, gulp it in its totality; go deep into it and you will see it is nothing. It is just created out of yourself, your mind and your consciousness. In that aspect of you, you are your Self.
Know that there is a power, some power, someone, who is really caring for you.
Not just someone there is only One in the whole universe. That One in the universe is caring and taking care of you. You can relax, rest and be peaceful.
There cannot be an ocean without waves. Every event touches life somewhere on its surface. It creates movement. Take all that comes with both your hands. Don’t say that it is impossible or not possible for you. This thought of something being not possible means that you are resisting. This is making the storms stay for long periods. Stand there with your arms open. Say, ‘Whatever storms come, let them, I’m here.’ You grow out of them. You become bigger.
Tell yourself:
“Come what may, there is nothing that can destroy me. It may be excruciatingly painful, but it doesn’t matter. It still cannot destroy or kill me. I am here. I am much, much bigger than all these emotions, commotions or waves. They all rise inside me, in me, and in no way can they destroy me. I will let them be.”

So when a storm arises, just be with it. Do not try to get rid of the storm. Be with it; go into it. And, of course, you have your meditation and spiritual practices to help purify your whole system. It’s such a blessing.